Managing a Large Site With WordPress

WRK3 Workshops Track

103C, Wisconsin Center

SUNDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

WordPress has come a long way in the past few years toward supporting large and complex websites, but that doesn't mean everything is simple or perfect when using it for a large organization. In this workshop, we'll review some of the tips and tricks we've used to keep our sites running smoothly, along with some pitfalls we've faced along the way.

This workshop is meant to be extremely interactive, and will go where the attendees take it. If you're facing specific issues or have specific questions about getting a large site moved into WordPress or keeping a large WordPress site running efficiently, we'll be working with you to answer those questions for the benefit of all attendees.

We intend to discuss some technical aspects about getting a large site set up and running as smoothly as possible with WordPress, but we'll also tackle a lot of general tips and pitfalls related to running large, unwieldy sites.


Curtiss Grymala
University of Mary Washington

Curtiss Grymala, the founder of Ten-321 Enterprises, is the Senior Web Technician at the University of Mary Washington (UMW). Prior to starting that position in November 2010, he worked as the Webmaster at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown, Va. for nearly four years. In addition to his responsibilities managing the WordPress installation at UMW, he has consulted with various divisions and organizations at the University of Michigan, University of Virginia, Southern Arkansas University, the University of Florida and others. Grymala also consults regularly with various colleges & universities, as well as many different non-profits and small businesses, and has helped implement more than 50 unique WordPress websites.

Lacy Paschal
Vanderbilt University

@lacydev is made of magic and a wee bit of the Dark Side (as described by one of her team.) As Director of University Web Communications at Vanderbilt University, Lacy and her team are responsible for Vanderbilt's online visual identity, determining the vision and strategic goals of Vanderbilt's web presence, providing web and application development services, supporting their content management systems, and are the voices behind Vanderbilt's social media presences. Lacy serves on the HighEdWeb Program Committee as DPA Track chair, and Art Director for LINK, the Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Justin, and their 18-month old son, Hayden.


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