Supercharge Your Insight with Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager

WRK12 Workshops Track

103B, Wisconsin Center

WEDNESDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

There are always new things to learn about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. In this workshop we're going to move past the basics and do some real digging and wrangling.

This workshop isn't for the basics -- we'll certainly start with a quick overview of data analytics strategy so that we can charge through the details of how and why we even go through the trouble of measuring web traffic. But then I'll show you how implementing Google Tag Manager and upgrading to Universal Analytics will supercharge your insight from mere clicks to actual conversions.

We'll talk about moving past vanity metrics like "how many people visited my page" and get right to the more important questions like "how many prospects visited my page and took the action we wanted them to take." The latter implies conversion and it is essential to measuring the success of our web presence and marketing ourselves to prospective audiences. We'll also learn how to segment data into different target populations to make informed decisions about how to improve and optimize the website.


Aaron Baker
Lead Digital Analyst , Harvard University


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