Effective Content Planning

WRK9 Workshops Track

102B, Wisconsin Center

WEDNESDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

Content planning is where the rubber of a content strategy meets the road of day-to-day execution. More than just knowing what’s going on the homepage next Tuesday, content planning entails people knowing their roles, content aligning with intended goals and messaging, making data-driven decisions, and trying to head off missed opportunities at the pass. In a sense, can our digital content manage to step outside in the morning without its shirt on backwards, phone and wallet missing, and TP trailing from its shoes?

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to plan digital content publishing and promotion across multiple channels (including social media), how tools like content matrices and editorial calendars can facilitate content planning for both short-term projects or ongoing publications, how to support an integrated communications strategy on the ground, how to integrate analytics into your content decision-making process, and how to wrangle the human resources (and goodwill) required to put a content plan into practice.


Georgy Cohen
OHO Interactive

Georgy Cohen has spent more than a decade wrangling content for universities. She is associate creative director for content strategy at OHO Interactive, a digital agency based in the Boston area, and co-founder of Meet Content, a blog and resource empowering higher education to create and sustain web content that works. Georgy previously worked at Tufts University and Suffolk University, in addition to running her own independent consultancy to higher education. She speaks frequently, including keynote addresses at HighEdWeb Pittsburgh 2014 and HighEdWeb Arkansas 2011. Georgy's background is in journalism, including a three-year stint working in the fast-paced online newsroom of The Boston Globe.


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