Storytelling with On-Brand News Content

WRK2 Workshops Track

102D, Wisconsin Center

SUNDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

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News content plays a big role in higher ed marketing and communications. It takes center stage on our website homepages and many top landing pages -- not to mention our email newsletters, alumni magazines, and social channels. We rely on it to maintain a timely, engaging web presence. Above all, we rely on news content to help tell our story. But, does our news content tell the story we want to tell?

News articles are snapshots of a larger, complex picture. To tell a meaningful story -- conveying the culture and values of our institution -- messaging and communication goals must first lead the way. News content needs purpose and vision to support our brand. Simple, cookie-cutter stories that appear to rehash old news, like a press-release-turned-featured-news-story, rarely answer our users’ complex questions, like: “Why should I care about your school?”

Join this workshop and learn how to:

1. Define messaging and communication goals to give news content purpose and vision.

2. Identify relevant news topics and create on-brand news content -- as well as make use of existing content by giving it new meaning.

3. Develop a multi-channel, on-brand editorial calendar for multiple authors to tell a clear and consistent story across your institution.


Rick Allen

Rick Allen has worked in higher education for more than a decade helping to shape communications and content strategy. As principal of ePublish Media, Inc., a content strategy consultancy in Boston, Mass., Rick partners with higher education institutions and organizations to drive and sustain bold goals. Rick writes and speaks often on higher education web publishing topics. He is the founder of Content Strategy New England and co-founder of Meet Content, a blog and online resource aiming to empower higher education to create and sustain web content that works.


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