Words. Words. Words. How to Write Sizzling Content That Gets Read and Gets Action

WRK1 Workshops Track

103B, Wisconsin Center

SUNDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

We talk about content A LOT at HighEdWeb. But what about the actual words? This workshop -- or can we call it a wordshop? -- is all about finessing your wordsmith skills, no matter what the medium. In this practical, interactive workshop, we’ll cover, among other things:

Why brevity rules – how you can make that academic report of a webpage into a lively, user-geared paragraph. And how you can turn that stuffy paragraph into a compelling sentence.

How repurposing works – repurposing content is key to efficient web/marketing operations, especially when you’re short staffed. But repurposing does not mean slapping up a PDF of a magazine onto a web page. You’ll leave this workshop with tips on how to effectively tweak existing content to fit various mediums. If you want, bring a piece of writing you want to make better, or an outline for a current project.

How to add sizzle to your sentences – OK. So you weren’t an English major. You might not recall the terms, but you know when a headline is catchy or a story is compelling—we’ll look at the actual language and explore why that writing sounds so darn good. We will explore some tried and true literary elements and journalistic techniques that make content pop—repetition, alliteration, those sorts of things. Finally, we’ll talk about those sensory details that connect people to content.

In all, this workshop will help you, no matter what your skill level, become a better writer and self-editor for any medium. It will be part lecture, part discussion and part break-out group work, including inspirational “in-class” assignments (such as paging through magazines for content examples), and a chance to share your work with others. With each exercise/lesson, Donna will share a case study example so you can see the concept in action.


Donna Talarico

Donna Talarico spent about five years telling the Elizabethtown College story through a variety of mediums as part of an award-winning marketing and communications team. Always a storyteller, before higher ed she worked in print and broadcast media, and for a leading eCommerce company. She is the founder and publisher of Hippocampus Magazine, a monthly creative nonfiction journal, which produced its first conference in August 2015. Since May 2015, post E-town, she's a freelance writer/consultant, and runs an online store with her husband Kevin.


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