I Shouldn't Need a Doctorate to Read Your Website (MCS2)

In higher education, there's a belief that parents want to read websites that are written in an academic style, or at a higher level than one might find when reading the hottest, most popular fiction book. But is this really true? Can a website with content written at a lower grade level instill confidence in parents that their children are receiving a high quality education? Using research, let's dispel the myth perpetuated by academia. But easy to read and understand content is difficult to write, isn't it? I'll share some tips, tools, and tricks to help your content breathe and read much, much easier. Because after all, if prospects can read your website and understand it, aren't they more likely to feel welcomed on your campus?

Techies and Writers Unite! Ohio State's New Content Aggregator Serves Coders, Marketers, Users (AIM10)

Ohio State's manifesto: Simplify the university’s bureaucratic structure and put users first! At a complex place, writers post web content; social media managers tweet; web geeks ponder digital strategy. Enter Media Magnet, a uniform content aggregation system and a joint venture between Interactive and Editorial. See how we’ve applied this system on osu.edu and beyond.