Data “Silo” SMACdown : Enter the EIP

AIM3 Applications, Integration and Mobile

Location: 102B, Wisconsin Center

MONDAY, 10:45 - 11:30 a.m.

The continuation of last year’s presentation “Let Your Data Run Free and Run Your University” by Steve Fischer, Jim Muir, and OSU and HighEdWeb fixture Glenn Donaldson. The Ohio State University had the vision and initiative to implement an Enterprise Integration Platform [EIP]. What does this mean? Now direct database access and the political battles that follow are a thing of the past, as well as the sea of firewall requests. Leadership bought in to the hype and moved forward building a "Data Integration"-Hub*. API Manager [APIM] is the storefront that allows developers and system integrators to come to a common place to see the available enterprise-level web services/APIs, the data they are comprised of, and the ability to subscribe/request access for their systems/applications. Enterprise Service Bus [ESB] is the nexus of integrations where services/APIs can be mediated and transformed from SOAP->REST, XML->JSON and vise versa. ESB can also be the center where composite service creation happens. Data Services Server [DSS] is where a developer can turn a commonly used query into a consumable service used by many. This presentation is about the how the data is "freed" and consumable by the community in an efficient, effective, and secure manner.

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Jim Kittle
Application Architect, The Ohio State University

Jim Kittle is an application architect for the Ohio State University in the Office of the CIO. He has a diverse background in integration, data modeling, business intelligence, and development in various frameworks. After four years of working for an auto manufacturer, he came aboard at OSU and has never looked back.