Come Together, Right Now

MPD8 Management and Professional Development

Location: 102C, Wisconsin Center

TUESDAY, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Collectively, we in higher ed pour a lot of resources into reinventing wheels and solving problems others have solved elsewhere. There have been many efforts across higher ed to remedy this by pooling resources, but often this has foundered because the only thing slower and more painful than committee-based decision making within your institution is committee-based decision making involving multiple institutions! The schools that are part of this presentation have worked together on an open-source project for several years. We'll share things we've learned about intercollegiate cooperation, how can we build structures that effectively help us support each other, and point out models for shared projects in higher ed.

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Matt Ryan
Associate Director of Web Communications and Development, Carleton College

Matt Ryan is a web designer, developer, UXpert, and all-arounder at Carleton College in scenic Northfield, Minnesota. He enjoys wireframing, coding, brainstorming, and walks in the park.

Tabita Green
Director of Web Content, Luther College

Tabita Green is a writer and content strategist. As the director of web content, she manages the website and online advertising at Luther College. In her spare time, Tabita likes to run around in the woods and teach Swedish (but not at the same time).

Melissa Dix
Web and New Media Director, Beloit College

Melissa Dix, associate director of Communications and Marketing, has been managing the web at Beloit College for more than ten years. Her background includes six years with Motorola, managing and collaborating on web development projects spanning manufacturing, e-commerce and mobile commerce, and two years as a developer for Full Audio, an online subscription-based music software startup in Chicago.

Carolyn Zinn
Associate Director of Web Services, Kalamazoo College

Carolyn Zinn is the associate director of Web Services at Kalamazoo College, where she is responsible for making sure more than two hundred web editors have what they need to make the K web awesome. She has worked at K in this capacity for 12 years, and was previously a web developer in the private sector. As two-thirds of the entire web team at K, she appreciates the ease of running, administering, and extending the Reason CMS. Her favorite thing about Reason is the mini-site concept, which is a perfect fit for K's decentralized publishing model. Carolyn's other interests include enjoying the great Michigan outdoors and displaying her unique fabric art creations.