Project Kickoffs That Work

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Location: 101C, Wisconsin Center

TUESDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

This session will walk you through some of Palantir’s top tools and tips for client experience-building through awesome kickoff strategies. Successes and takeaways on recent projects will also be discussed. So, you’ve got your sticky notes, colored markers, and enough stakeholders to fill a room; but, how do you make the most use of your time face-to-face with your client when you start a project to ensure a great client experience? We’ve all been in those kickoff meetings at the beginning of a project — the room is tense, half the people are checking their phones, and your time with the key stakeholders is limited. What do you do? In this session, Allison will walk you through some of our thinking about building great client experience through awesome onsites. We’ll share some real world tips and tools, and also discuss successes and takeaways on recent projects, large and small.


Allison Manley
Account Manager, Palantir

Allison provides top-notch strategy and project management services to Palantir's clients, like those in Higher Education, Healthcare systems, and beyond. Her diverse, multi-disciplinary background (which includes glassblowing, figure skating, and podcasting) and natural people skills contribute greatly to building strong client relationships and keeping projects on the path to success. Allison received her BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with a major in graphic design.