Lessons Learned on the Road to Accessibility

UAD5 Usability, Accessibility and Design

Location: 101B, Wisconsin Center

MONDAY, 3:00 - 3:45 p.m.

In the fall of 2010, the National Federation of the Blind filed a complaint against Penn State. So began a broad initiative shaped by the unique strengths of the institution and the choices we made in triage. From training to triage to organizational change, these are some of the important lessons learned in our journey toward delivering an accessible learning and working environment. We will discuss: 1. A general roadmap your institution can follow to get started. 2. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and what impact they have on an individualized implementation plan. 3. Top-down and bottom-up approaches to reaching your goals. 4. Measuring progress and maturity of IT accessibility in your institution.

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Christian Vinten-Johansen
Manager, IT Accessibility Team, Penn State

Christian Vinten-Johansen is a staff member of Penn State’s Information Technology Services, in Teaching and Learning with Technology. He is manager of the IT Accessibility Team and co-chair of the university-wide Accessible Technology and Information Initiative (ATI), where he provides leadership in implementing the sweeping terms of Penn State’s settlement with the National Federation of the Blind. The IT Accessibility Team provides human testing, technology support, and consulting services to the university, as well as to vendors, organizations, and higher education institutions. Johansen has been an advocate and practitioner of universal web and software design since 2000. He participates in IT accessibility collaborations; leads or participates in university web, technology, and administrative task groups and communities of practice; develops training courses on web accessibility; and presents on the topics of accessibility and organizational change at local and national confe