Refried Bean Counters: A Tasty Mashup of Accounting, Management, and Data for the Big Web Project

AIM11 Applications, Integration and Mobile

Location: 102B, Wisconsin Center

TUESDAY, 2:00 - 2:45 p.m.

Bland old canned planning tools giving you indigestion? We'll show you how Cornell SHA used the ingredients we had on-hand, along with some old fashioned double-entry accounting and project management recipes, to whip up a tasty rendition of that old staple: the Big Web Project. Sure, it ain't Le Cordon Bleu, but it satisfies. We'll talk about how we applied the well-worn principles of double-entry accounting to managing the Big Web Project. We'll show how dashboards, queryable mashups, and data extractions from existing tools and vendor deliverables helped us plan, keep on track, check progress, spot inconsistencies, and minimize missed content often discovered too late in the project. We'll explain how we used these to fit into and support the existing workflows of the Information Architect, Content Strategist, and Web Programmer. There's no panacea here, but like any good side dish it doesn't leave you hungry. This is not a tech talk, but we'll mention technologies like WordPress, Drupal, Google Analytics, AngularJS, RDF, OWL and Stardog. OK maybe it's a little bit of a tech talk. Like a little bit of grated cheese on top.


Jason Woodward
Principal, State & Plain

Jason Woodward is a Consulting Programmer for Cornell University and is Principal at State & Plain. He has been a professional web developer since 1996. He prefers to approach problems from a systems thinking and data modeling perspective, which is constantly at odds with his get-it-done urges. He holds a B.S. and M.Eng in computer science from Cornell University, which can probably be blamed for all that.