Make the Web Faster: Web Performance Best Practices You Should Be Using Today

DPA7 Development, Programming and Architecture

Location: 102D, Wisconsin Center

TUESDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

Should that script tag go in the head or at the bottom of the body? Do you really need to be using CSS sprites? What triggers a browser reflow and why should you care? How does the new HTTP/2 spec play into all of this? In this session, Shahab will run through the most common mistakes that lead to slower page loads and poor browser performance. You'll learn how the browser actually processes your code, which tools you can use to test your own sites, and what you should be doing to improve page performance immediately. Let's make the (higher ed) web faster!

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Shahab Lashkari
Director of Product Development, OmniUpdate, Inc.

With a lifelong passion for computer science, Shahab Lashkari enjoys all things technical. At California State University, Channel Islands, he has taught courses in Web Development, Android Game Programming, and Human Computer Interaction. Lashkari's experience as a developer and an educator help give him a unique perspective in his role as the Director of Product Development at OmniUpdate.