I Believe I Can See the Future: More Than the Typical Analytics Routine

UAD11 Usability, Accessibility and Design

Location: 101B, Wisconsin Center

TUESDAY, 2:00 - 2:45 p.m.

Getting the metrics is not the hard part. Guessing at what it might mean will get you nowhere fast. Turning numbers into action is what makes the difference between a strong, contributing member of the team and a weak link. By using some simple methods of data analysis, you can go from generating a report to providing real value to your organization. This presentation will discuss examples from higher education and explain how statistical significance is not as daunting as it can sound. We will explore methods such as statistically significant A/B testing, intervention analysis, and time-series forecasting. You will be able to immediately apply techniques to improve your analysis and add value to your institution, and you will learn how this kind of analysis is used to make positive changes within higher education marketing and enrollment.

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Joshua Dodson
Director of SEO, Southern New Hampshire University

Joshua Dodson, Director of SEO, Southern New Hampshire University, (SNHU) is a Google Analytics Qualified Web expert who has worked with numerous colleges and universities to improve their web presence and better understand their user trends. His extensive back-end web knowledge is equally matched with an understanding of the importance of driving results on the front end -- and proving return on investment. His in-depth SEO experience ties campaigns to results to show true impact. Prior to joining SNHU, he was the Web Strategy and SEO Administrator at Eastern Kentucky University. He has taught hundreds of higher education marketing professionals how to use analytics and SEO through the courses he teaches for Higher Ed Experts. Dodson has presented at industry conferences on advanced web analytics, social media, open source technology, and other topics. He has published extensively on WordPress and marketing analytics.