The Wizard of Optimization

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Location: 101C, Wisconsin Center

MONDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

Optimization – making incremental changes to websites and applications – is a low-effort, high-impact practice. Being able to track how a site or app is used enables marketers and technologists to make meaningful changes that can dramatically influence outcomes. Before considering a site redesign, hit the Yellow Brick Road to Optimization with The C2 Group. We’ll discuss how some small, yet significant practices can yield big gains in your conversion activities.


Seth Galligan
Project Lead, The C2 Group

Seth brings more than eight years of experience in the media production and marketing communications fields. After working for humanitarian organizations abroad, Seth returned to the U.S. to finish a degree in media production from the University of Michigan before earning a master’s in communications from Grand Valley State University. Seth is passionate about helping organizations reach their full potential. Seth’s role is to represent client needs and interests while leading C2 teams through the web-build process.

Nicholas Fuller
UX & Creative Lead, The C2 Group

Nicholas has more than seven years of experience leading the creative department of a multifaceted agency with a web focus. Adding to his credentials are more than nine years of experience with web, interaction, and user interface design bolstered with technical (HTML + CSS) skills. Nicholas holds a degree in multimedia visual communication from Kendall College of Art & Design and is devoted to continued educational growth within his field.

David Tarnow
Senior Project Lead, The C2 Group

David’s passion in this client-facing role is delivering products and solutions that provide a value-add to the customer while staying on budget and schedule. With an education in communications and strategic management, David is able to balance business needs and desires with budget and schedule limitations. David brings more than eight years of project management experience as well as five years of Lean/Six Sigma experience.