Selling UX: Lessons from the Firing Line

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Location: 101C, Wisconsin Center

TUESDAY, 10:45 - 11:30 a.m.

Ever had to fight for the budget to do real audience research? Convince someone of the value of usability testing? Explain how your research informed the design you created? We took a huge gamble in 2005 when we sold Virginia Tech on the idea of doing mental models to inform their redesign. Since that initial foray, we’ve been selling the value of a user-centered, research-informed approach to web design – not just in a proposal or pitch, but throughout the process. In this workshop I’ll share NewCity’s best tips for making the case for user experience (UX). What You'll Learn: - How to explain the importance of research in the strategy process to your stakeholders - How stories make UX meaningful - How involving people in the UX process builds inside champions - How to not geek out when sharing UX methods or findings with the uninitiated (i.e. unwashed masses) - Things you should be doing to prove the impact of UX in your organization (but this won’t be an in-depth analytics course)


David Poteet
Founder and President, NewCity

David Poteet is the founder and president of NewCity, an interactive design agency with particular expertise in education, science and culture. An alumnus of Virginia Tech, David has been involved with the web since its earliest days, creating the first website for Radford University in 1994 while working as a designer there. David left to start NewCity in 1995. David teaches regular workshops on user experience and web content. David has led strategy and user experience for clients including the American Battle Monuments Commission, the University of Leicester, and the UVA School of Continuing and Professional Studies.