Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting a Hard Battle

MPD1 Management and Professional Development

Location: 102C, Wisconsin Center

MONDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

We all have times when our real life impacts our work life, when what is happening to us, or in our families, or to our close friends makes doing the daily grind especially hard. Or we may be fine, but we see our colleagues struggling. We know that we're supposed to be supportive. But what should we do? A directed discussion of being a supportive boss or colleague when those around you are in the middle of burdening occurrences in their lives.

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John Wagner
Senior Systems Programmer, Princeton University

John Wagner has been playing with computers since they first taught him to program, "You have $100 and 3 animal types of different prices and you have to buy 100 legs" in FORTRAN. Wagner has been with Princeton University in various technical positions since 1980. He currently is part of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) group, which is responsible for the care and feeding of Exchange, streaming media, Listserv, web services systems, and various identity directory services. He subscribes to the motto, "If you know we are there, we haven't done our job". Wagner has been on the HighEd Web conference program committee since 2001, and co-chair of the TPR/DPA track since 2004.