Universal Interaction Design: Making It Click for Everyone, Everywhere

UAD2 Usability, Accessibility and Design

Location: 101B, Wisconsin Center

MONDAY, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Your sites may use responsive templates. You may have tested you content with the plugs-in like Fangs and FireEyes, or even with JAWS. But have you tested your interactions to work with keyboard navigation? On tablets? For visitors with low vision? For visitors with low vision, using keyboard navigation? For visitors with hearing impairments who use tablets? For visitors who want to print what they read? For visitors stationed overseas? In our session we will talk about what we learned from integrating accessibility testing and interaction design, from types of testing to interaction best practices to overall design and development processes.

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Nikki Massaro Kauffman
Multimedia Specialist IV / User Experience Designer, Penn State University

Nikki Massaro Kauffman has degrees in both computer science and education, and more than 17 years experience in education and technology. As a programmer, a user-experience designer, and an educator, her passion is optimizing the web to reach the as many learners as possible. Nikki enjoys working with learners, balancing individual needs and scalability, and writing about herself in the third person.

Sonya Woods
Accessibility Consultant, Penn State University

Sonya Woods has been working in online higher ed at Penn State since 2008, doing technical editing, proofreading, and course production work, before discovering her passion for accessibility. Currently she is an educational technology consultant specializing in accessibility, working with a team of people focusing on user experience (one of whom is Nikki). She does research, consulting, testing, documentation, and training to help content creators make content that works well for all students. She has presented on accessibility and universal design for learning (UDL) to audiences at Penn State, and has authored blog posts for the World Campus.