The .edu Manifesto: A Call to Action for Higher Ed to Get Digital Right

TIE7 Technology in Education

Location: 103B, Wisconsin Center

TUESDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

The importance of a college website cannot be understated. It is mission critical. Imagine what would happen if your website disappeared tomorrow. Could your campus still function? And as we move from a physical campus to a digital campus, the stakes will be even higher. Despite this landscape, most college websites remain mediocre at best, underfunded, and mismanaged. Part rant, part history lesson, part hope for the future, the .edu Manifesto is a call to action for higher ed to get the web and digital right. Mark will make the case on why the web matters (more than you think) and how to harness the full potential of digital.


Mark Greenfield
Director of Web Services, University at Buffalo

Mark Greenfield is a highly regarded, influential member of the higher education web community. He is an experienced consultant and award-winning speaker who works with campuses to improve their web and digital efforts. His 28 years working on a college campus combined with his extensive consulting and speaking background provides his clients with a breadth and depth of experiences to fully leverage the web and digital. He specializes in strategic planning, web and digital governance, web evaluation, social media strategy, leadership training, user-centered design, emerging technologies, and web accessibility. Learn more about Mark at