Is a Taco a Sandwich? (And Other Hard Questions)

AIM12 Applications, Integration and Mobile

Location: 102B, Wisconsin Center

TUESDAY, 3:00 - 3:45 p.m.

For the past year and half, this simple innocent question has challenged friendships, hijacked whiteboards, and sparked heated happy-hour debates within our office. We were even able to tickle the fancy of Chris Hardwick during last year’s HighEdWeb keynote address. So why has this question become such an obsession to us? Because it’s not just about tacos. It’s about organization. Balance. As professionals in higher education, we work in systemic chaos every day -- from political posturing and institutional wrangling, to technology workarounds and daily droning maintenance. At Illinois State University, a recent redesign of our central news hub proved that this chaos could be tempered, dare we say controlled. It meant tackling the tricky balance of institutional marketing with distributed content creation. I will cover some of the tactics used to organize people, departments, and egos (both large and small) and how it lead to not only political victories, but new competitive ways to market the university.


Jacob DeGeal
Creative Operations Manager, Web & Interactive Communications - Illinois State

Jacob DeGeal is the Creative Operations Manager for Web and Interactive Communications, as well as an instructor, at Illinois State University. Over the years he has witnessed the web evolve from Flash-based movies to liquid layouts, fixed one-page designs to responsive architecture. His chief cause is to organize and unite all Illinois State websites under a single brand standard, as well as develop effective, innovative, and creative solutions for university departments and initiatives. He is also the co-founder and vice president of Bike BloNo, and non-profit bicycle advocacy organization in Bloomington-Normal Illinois. He has two cats, three bikes, and is hopelessly millennial.