Popping the Higher Ed Digital Bubble -- What Higher Ed Needs to Learn from Corporate Websites

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Location: 101C, Wisconsin Center

TUESDAY, 2:00 - 2:45 p.m.

In multiple surveys, more than eighty percent of prospective students rank the website as the number one tool for research when selecting a school. Despite a desire to focus on prospects, most higher education websites are unable to power enrollments. Instead, marketing groups are slowed by internal politics, a lack of actionable data, and long funding cycles. Drawing on examples from both successful higher education and corporate clients, this session will provide a new framework for defining investment in your school’s website. We’ll highlight how marketing groups can: - Make the case for ongoing investment in digital - Define clear business goals - Measure and make decisions based on data, not opinion - Leverage analytics to take control - Comprehensive look at social, search, paid search, ads, email The session will translate corporate practices into a higher education context to provide you with actionable next steps. In addition, we’ll present an overall framework for socializing the evolution of websites -- and the required staffing and budget -- to invest in digital. (All of these concepts are not tied to a specific vendor or software solution.)


Jason Smith
Managing Director, OHO Interactive

Jason helps businesses and universities understand how digital influences the customer journey. His expertise in leveraging digital channels to redefine complex sales processes has increased sales and customer engagement for organizations across various industries. He is the founder of Boston-based OHO Interactive, a thirty-person research- and data-driven digital agency that serves higher education, travel, and healthcare clients.